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Architectural and Historical Review Board

Henry Tobin, Chair
Steve Keller
Phil Ingerman
Richard Krulik
Brendan Moran
Paul Herkovic (Alternate)
Catherine Lageraaen, Secretary to the Board (631) 261-7502, ext. 310

Scope of Review Authority
The Board of Architectural and Historic Review a.k.a. (Archies) is charged with the protection and enhancement of the historic, architectural and cultural character of the commercial and institutional structures in the Village. The primary concerns are changes to the physical and visual environment, such as new construction, exterior remodeling, demolition, and signage. In the Historic Review areas of the Village the authority is extended to all structures. The Archies has an advisory role to the Planning Board, the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Board of Trustees insofar as issues coming before those boards affecting the review authority of the ‘Archies.’Need for Review
All businesses and institutions planning new buildings or signage or wishing to make changes to existing exteriors and signage must apply for Archies review. This includes, but is not limited to, such items as temporary and permanent signs, awnings, façade changes (including color changes) and demolition. An exterior change to any structure located in a Historic Review area must undergo review.Procedures
Applicants are encouraged to consult with the Archies at an early stage of design before filing an application for a sign or building permit.  This consultation will allow for project guidance and help identify a list of exhibits required for an application review.  Applications for sign permits are obtained at Village Hall.  Applications for building and demolition permits subject to Archies review are automatically forwarded to Archies.  Reviews are conducted with reference to the mandatory standards and the guidelines specified in the relevant sections of the Village Code.  Reviews are conducted at the regular or special meetings of the Archies or at public hearings, as required.

Village Code
Information about the Architectural Historic Review Board in the village code:

Chapter 13. Architectural and Historic

ReviewChapter A311.

Board of Architectural and Historic Review Rules and Regulations

Village of Northport Zoning Map

Meeting Minutes and Agendas