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Public Notice

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: that a public hearing of the Board of Zoning Appeals of the Village of Northport will be held July 16, 2020 at 6:00 pm. Pursuant to the Governor’s Executive Order 103 the meeting will be held via Virtual Zoom conference only and not at Northport Village Hall. The public will be able to access the meeting by Zoom:

Join Zoom Meeting:

Zoning Board Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 876 2465 8418

Password: 968734

Phone in: 1-646-876-9923

Any questions by the public can be asked through our website:

Applicant: (File #1306) Valeriy Kraydman and Mary Ellen Curtis

Owner: Valeriy Kraydman

Location: 49 Dolphin Lane

Nature of Application: For Variance under Residence District A, 306-22D (1) Minimum Lot Width and 306-22H (1) Side Yard Setback.

Subject: Applicant wishes to add pitched roof to existing garage, convert existing storage on 1st floor to exercise room and heated mud room area, 1st floor addition Portico and deck, 2nd floor addition increase of 1012 sq. ft.

Applicant: (File #1310) Architect Mark Wittenberg

Owner: Michael Vedder

Location: 5 Dolphin Lane

Nature of Application: For Variance under Residence District B, 306-22F (2) Minimum Front Yard Depth.

Subject: Applicant wishes to construct front yard roofed-over masonry porch.

Applicant: (File #1311) Janet Krivacsy

Owner: Janet Krivacsy

Location: 65 Norwood Avenue

Nature of Application: For Variance under Residence District D, 306-23G (4) Maximum size of roofed over Accessory Structure.

Subject: Applicant wishes to construct a Detached three Car Garage (1050sq.ft.)

Applicant: (File #1312) Christopher Modelewski

Owner: Phil & Nancy Weber

Location: 809 Ft. Salonga Road

Nature of Application: For Variance under Highway Business, 306-13B Prohibited Use.

Subject: Applicant wishes to convert second floor commercial to residential use.

Krivacsy_65 Norwood Avenue

Kraydman_49 Dolphin Lane

Weber_809 Fort Salonga Road

Vedder_5 Dolphin Lane

Georgina Cavagnaro, Secretary

Board of Zoning Appeals