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The Zoning Board of Appeals

Andy Cangemi, Chair
Roger Ramme
Janet Pushee
Gene Spivak
David Swift

Edward Gathman, Board Attorney
Skye Odegaard, Secretary to the Board

As per the village code, there shall be a Board of Zoning Appeals consisting of five members, appointed and/or removed pursuant to the Village Law. No member of the Board of Trustees shall be eligible for membership on the Board of Zoning Appeals. There shall be a Chairman and Deputy Chairman appointed pursuant to law and for a term established by law. The Board of Zoning Appeals shall have all other powers as granted by law.

Village Code
Information regarding the jurisdiction and the function of the BZA in the village code:

Chapter 306.  Zoning,   Article X. Board of Zoning

AppealsChapter  A309.

Board of Zoning Appeals Rules and Regulations

Village of Northport Zoning Map

ZBA Meeting Minutes