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⚓Welcome to the Village of Northport⚓

Click below for more information on Cow Harbor Race Day

Cow Harbor Race Day Road Closures


Please take note that there will be intermittent closures of Woodbine Avenue. These closures will depend on the weather and work scheduling. This will be ongoing through the rest of August and September.



PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: The meeting of the Northport Village Zoning Board of Appeals for September 15, 2021 has been rescheduled to September 29, 2021 at 6:00pm in Village Hall’s Court Room, 224 Main Street, Northport, NY to consider the following applications:

Applicant:  File #1332 Christina Fry

Owner: Thomas Clark

Location: 30 June Avenue

Nature of Application: For Variance under Residence District D 306-22G (4) Minimum Rear Yard Depth, 306-22H (4) Minimum Side Yard Depth.

Subject: Applicant wishes to legalize an existing 389sf. rear deck.

Applicant: File #1333 Mark Anthony Munisteri

Owner: Robert Gesell

Location: 31 Locust Road

Nature of Application: For Variance under Residence District A 306-23 G (1) Maximum Size, 306-23A Maximum Height.

Subject: Applicant wishes to construct a detached garage.

Applicant: File #1334 George Suddell

Owner: Steve Morgan

Location: 148 Woodbine Avenue

Nature of Application: For Variance under Residence District C 306-22B (3) Minimum Lot Area, 306-22D (3) Minimum Lot Width, 306-22E (3) Minimum Street Frontage, 306-22F (3) Front Yard Setback, 306-22H (3) Side Yard Setback, 306-22I (3) Total Side Yard Setback.

Subject: Applicant wishes to renovate existing single-family dwelling, first floor addition of 251sf. and second floor addition of 497sf.

Applicant/Owner: File #1335 Thomas Burns

Location: 25 Horseshoe Drive

Nature of Application: For Variance under Residence District D 306-22G (4) Minimum Rear Yard Depth.

Subject: Applicant wishes to construct a 571sf. rear deck.

Georgina Cavagnaro, Secretary

Board of Zoning Appeals


I have been meeting with Richard Boziwick, Chairman of the Cow Harbor Day Committee and the Cow Harbor Day Committee on a regular basis. It is important to all of us to celebrate Cow Harbor Day and the Cow Harbor Day Race but in the safest manner possible in these unique times. I have included in the meetings representatives from the Northport Police Department and Northport Volunteer Fire Department along with Northport Village Trustees and officials.

Based on all of the information provided and all of the safety precautions being instituted, I have decided together with the Cow Harbor Committee that the great Northport tradition of Cow Harbor Day will go forward.

I encourage everybody attending the event(s) to be vaccinated and to wear a mask when in a crowd. If you are vulnerable, please protect yourself and confer with your doctor to decide whether or not you should attend the Cow Harbor Day event(s).

Cow Harbor Day and the Cow Harbor Race are amazing Northport traditions, and we are excited to continue the tradition this year in a safe and healthy manner.

We will be monitoring the COVID numbers daily, and in the unfortunate event that the percentage of people on Long Island moves dramatically and significantly upward, we will re-evaluate the situation.

I want to thank the dedicated and hardworking individuals on the Cow Harbor Committee, the men and women of the Northport Village Volunteer Fire Department and the Chief of the Department Dennis Sheridan, Police Chief Chris Hughes and the Northport Village Police Department, Northport Village Trustees and officials for their hard work and commitment in making sure we can have Cow Harbor Day this year in the safest manner possible.

Mayor McMullen is pleased to announce that the Village of Northport has been awarded funds in the amount of $742,913 from the ARPA Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund, which was presented to the Mayor on Thursday, August 12th by Congressman Suozzi.

Overdose Awareness Day: Night of Remembrance Candlelight Vigil

August 31, 2021 7:30-9:00 pm in the Northport Village Park

Overdose Remembrance Night Flyer

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The Northport Police Department is a Smart911 answering center.  Please register at  By registering your information you will help the police to better assist you if you have to call them in an emergency.  Helpful information will come across when you call, such as medical issues you may have.

Northport, New York